Previous Balance - Previous Balance Due

Receipt - Payment was Made

Penalty - Late fee incurred after due date of the 15th

Water - $21.75 base fee plus the total gallons used in excess of 2,000 gal @0.007/gal (7.00/1000)

Sewer/ Lagoon - $15.00 base fee

Garbage/ Recycling - $27.50/Single Tote

Garbage Xtra - $9.00/Extra Tote

Street Light - $7.00

Infrastructure - $18.00

WTP Improvement - $19.00

Misc. Projects - $5.00

Cur Charges - Balance due for the current billing cycle

Total Due - Current balance plus outstanding balances due


To pay your utility bill, please bring

cash, check, or money order to Rolla City Hall.

To pay your utility bill online, click on the following link:  PaymentServiceNetwork

First time users will need to register.

Account #: RT20634


Garbage Pickup

Residential: Tuesdays

Commercial: Mondays & Thursdays

**If a holiday falls on a Monday, garbage pickup will be one day later than usual.


Rolla City Hall

14 1st St SE, PO Box 1200

Rolla, ND 58367

701.477.3610 ext. 2