Xcel Energy hosted the dedication of the Border Winds wind farm north of Rolla, ND in Rolette County, this Tuesday, July 19th.  Xcel recently acquired this 75 turbine farm which generates 150 megawatts of electricity, which is enough power for about 78,750 homes.  The farm spans over 19,000 acres and had a total investment of $260 million.  Xcel Energy’s Principal Manager Mark Nisbet hosted the event and welcomed guests and participants from around North Dakota.  Senator Heidi Heitkamp was the keynote presenter with other presentations from Xcel Energy, Rolette County Commission and George Youngerman, Director of the Rolla Job Development Authority who was the primary developer over the last 13 years. “Youngerman stated that this whole project started as an intriguing thought in the Spring of 2003 and has had an interesting history of development up to this dedication.  We’ve received a lot of assistance from the ND Department of Commerce, University of ND’s EERC and a host of others.”  Xcel Energy is the number 1 utility wind energy provider in the nation for the 12th consecutive year.

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Border Winds Dedication

July 19th - Rolette County 


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