Nathan Neameyer - Chair


Josh Munro - Vice Chair

Kevin Juntunen - Secretary

Paula Munro - Treasurer 

The Rolla Job Development Authority (JDA) has established incentives for those who would construct a  new, single family residence within the City of Rolla.  “A housing study was completed recently and reflects the need for new, single family homes, in Rolla, priced in the mid-range cost category.” states  

Ben Bucher, Rolla JDA Housing sub-committee chairman.  Bucher also states that “The Rolla JDA has approved a number of incentivesfor new home builders and has received the approval of the Rolla City Council as needed.”  


Barbara Mothershead

Hovi Mitchell 

Dawn Fitzgerald


Brad Nash


Bethany McCloud

2022 Board of Directors

Rolla JOb development authority

New Housing Construction Incentives